Our Approach

We use technology in a number of ways to create simple, elegant and trustworthy systems.

Firstly, we establish private, permissioned, group networks on a cloud platform for the sole use of members of that group to collaborate on financial transactions. Most open-source distributed ledgers capable of running a permissioned version can be used for this purpose. The addition of an application layer of software, and legacy systems using APIs and templates, creates an end to end (E2E) stepped process which is designed to build trust whilst running financial transactions from start to finish.

Secondly, we have created a rewards and points system on a public network to incentivise group members to follow the steps to complete a transaction, standardise payment for platform licences and to maintain the network as well.

Finally, because we have mapped traditional contracts into smart contracts, the ‘value’ within the new smart contracts can be readily transferred to other parties on both private and public networks via creation and exchange of digital assets, thereby facilitating a marketplace if required.