Making smart money more agile.

integratedCAPITAL protects against the worst thing that could happen: loss of capital. Our smart contract system deploys private pools of capital to a network of high-quality borrowers securely and safely.  You stay in control of your capital at all times.
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Lend the Integrated way

The integratedCAPITAL platform connects you to high-quality borrowers and manages these contracts, end to end. You gain access to our dashboard, allowing you to see the details of the deals you have invested in while paying no fees.

Connection to Deals

integratedCAPITAL enables capital preservation through a secure platform that provides full control of the projects you choose to fund, and the terms of agreement that you set.

No fees to lender

All transaction costs are paid for by the borrower, including the platform fee, legal fees and certification costs. The lender, therefore, enjoys zero dollar transaction costs when the facility agreement is structured that way.

Transparency of capital

The platform is structured to provide full visibility into all aspects of your capital. What funds are out and what is yet to be lent out. Access your Dashboard to see at a glance exactly what stage in the funding cycle your capital is at or drill down further to see all correspondence, legal documentation, mortgage docs and reports.  

Quality returns for risk

The lender can set the terms required in any transaction. There is no restriction to the number of deals a lender can be involved in.

Full control of funds

All advances of funds are administered via a collaborative, permission based system in which you have the final say.

Risk built out, trust built in

Designed to stop loss of capital, internal controls prevent, detect and correct transactions, while ensuring absolute data security and privacy.

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