integratedCAPITAL proudly supporting QLD technical innovation at UQ.

Photo by kgbo / CC BY-SA 4.0

Mon Nov 15, 2021

BRISBANE - integratedCAPITAL was honoured to sponsor the inaugural Best Project in Blockchain Award at the 2021 Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Innovation (ITEE) Showcase which was won by final year student, Lachlan Drury. integratedCAPITAL's Software Architect Kenneth Miles and Director Richard McKeon were official judges for the Award.

Director of integratedCAPITAL, Richard McKeon said, "We are proud to be supporting technical innovation in Queensland, particularly in the area of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. This event is a great way for industry to collaborate with the University of Queensland which, in turn, is proud to showcase the hard work and talents of the ITEE students. This event gives industry sponsors and professionals like us a chance to meet and foster the talent which is so vital for the future of our industry."

Software architect Kenneth Miles and director Richard McKeon, viewing UQ ITEE student Ashleigh Lambert's Blockchain simulator project.

Since 2012, the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering has hosted this showcase which has exhibited student projects from the key disciplines of electrical engineering, information technology and multimedia design, with premier examples of work from the schools' studio and project courses on display.

Best Project in Blockchain 2021 winner Lachlan Drury pictured with Kenneth Miles, Richard McKeon, and Professor Michael Bruenig, Head of UQ ITEE.

Lachlan's winning Project entitled 'Proof of Worth – Privacy preserving proofs for digital assets' was part of his final year thesis and was of a very high standard as were the other projects submitted for the showcase.

'It is this type of research and innovation that has helped us develop our own E2EFiPLATFORM™ which has a cumulative Private Credit transaction volume of $163,913,964 as at September 2021 and why we actively seek to recruit students such as Lachlan and Ashleigh for roles at integratedCAPITAL during their final years of study and upon graduation from UQ', said Richard McKeon after the Showcase.